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Services. Oklahoma Medical Micropigmentation Services

Permanent Makeup Services

Discover top-notch permanent makeup and Medical Micropigmentation services at our med mic center in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Our expert technicians provide a range of eyebrow, eyeliner, lip treatments, and tattoo lightening/removal services. Get the flawless look you deserve with our team of skilled professionals.


A valid credit card is required when scheduling an appointment for services with Veronica Vaughan. We require at least 72 hour notice of any rescheduling or cancellations.  A $150 deposit for all semi permanent makeup services is required at time of booking to reserve your time. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. No-shows are subject to be charged for full service amount and will no longer be eligible to schedule for any future services. Deposits are credited toward total service cost at time of checkout. Failure to give at least 72 hour notice of cancellation is subject to 50% full service charge. 


If you are a no-show, 100% of the service price will be charged to your card and you will no longer be eligible to book future appointments.


Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns!


Prices are subject to change at any time. Rates may increase at any time.

New Client Services


Eyeliner (Top & Bottom)


Traditional, Thick, Natural, Lash Enhancement, Smoky/Smudge, Winged

Oklahoma medical micropigmentation, permanent eyeliner

Eyeliner (Top Only)


Traditional, Thick, Natural, Lash Enhancement, Smoky/Smudge, Winged

Oklahoma medical micropigmentation

Eyeliner (Bottom Only)


TechniquesTraditional, Waterline, Lash Line, Smoky/Smudge


'Eyeshadow' Eyeliner


This is a very popular new advanced technique to add an “eyeshadow” shading affect to your eyeliner for a softer smoky look. This can be requested at time of booking via email to Veronica and added on for an additional fee.

Oklahoma lash extentions

Lash Services

Eyelash extensions:volume, classic, hybrid, light volume, express sets, mini sets, routine fills

Eyelash lifts, lash lift +tints


Nano Brows


Hyper-realistic machine hair strokes

Eyebrows, Oklahoma Medical Micropigmentation

Powder or Ombrè 


Powder, Ombré Powder, Shading
(all techniques EXCEPT NanoBrows)

IMG_3446 2.HEIC



TechniquesLip Blushing, Lipstick, Ombré Lips, Sheer Lip Tint


Waxing Services

Eyebrow shaping & waxing, eyebrow tinting, full face waxing

You're like, really pretty. Medical micropigmentation training
Tattoo lighteing and removal

Tattoo Lightening/Removal


This is a form of saline lightening/removal that Veronica is certified in. This process takes multiple sessions depending on many factors such as area of tattoo, ink saturation, the individual client, and many other factors. More detail on the process and a custom plan to you will be made during your consultation at scheduled appointment time. This method is best for lightening and removal of permanent makeup and Microblading. This is not for major tattoos on the body.

Follow-up Appointments

All services are a 2 step process and require a second perfecting session no sooner than 8-10 weeks after initial appointment. 

Second Session/Follow-up Appointments

Follow-up (8-10 week) Appointment 




Future Maintenance

All services do require maintenance over time to freshen up the color/look in order to take good care of your permanent makeup long term. 

Touch up times vary (visit FAQ for more details) 

Eyebrow Refresh/Touch-ups

6-8 Month Eyebrow: $250

9-12 Month Eyebrow: $300

13-16 Month Eyebrow: $350

16-19 Month Eyebrow: $400

20-24 Month Eyebrow: $450


Anything beyond this time frame will usually be considered a new client service, please see proper pricing above. 

Eyeliner Refresh/Touch-up


Lip Refresh/Touch-up


Each new client service will take approximately 3-4 hours each so please plan and block out time accordingly. Veronica is a a master in her craft and will never rush a service and risk compromising quality. Please be sure you plan accordingly for proper time to achieve the best results in your custom service


How to plan and what to expect for your appointment: please feel free bring headphones to listen to your favorite music or podcast! As much as Veronica loves connecting with her clients, it is important to achieve the best results that we work in silence during a majority of the service. We want you to be comfortable and confident coming in for your luxury service! There will be plenty of time during your consultation and at the end of the service to talk!

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