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Born and raised in poverty in Chicago, Illinois. Veronica’s early life was anything but glamorous. Her mother was an addict, which in result led to a life of neglect, abuse, and chaos.

She relocated to Oklahoma in high school and after a couple years on her own staying with friends, God brought her and her new family together.

Veronica’s background and story plays a huge role in the success you see today.

She chooses not to be a victim of her circumstances, but instead be an advocate of perseverance and hard work.


Veronica was often outcast and bullied growing up, but that too has been a big driving source for who she is today and how she chooses to operate her business. 

She has created a very warm and welcoming environment for all of her clients and students alike.


Veronica has built her business from the very ground up, teaching herself all the necessary skills to be an amazing artist, instructor, and business owner.

She is a true example that it is possible to be the cycle breaker, and that all you truly need to succeed in life is a dream, a passion, and lots of hard work!


“Everyday training and education for the everyday woman”. This is the foundation that she built Elite Beauty Academy by.

She offers permanent makeup training for everyone who has a passion and interest in it. For the working woman, the busy mom, the struggling individual.


Veronica is married to the most wonderful man, Dakota, and they have two incredibly sweet cats, Gulliver and Jack (their babies).

In her time outside of work, she is very big into fitness, cooking, and spending quality time with her loved ones. She loves coffee, summer, outdoor runs, and her favorite artist is Taylor Swift.


A high standard of cleanliness is one of our priorities at Elite Beauty. Impeccable care, sanitation, and hygiene come from our extensive training. In the wake of COVID-19, the health and safety of our clients are more important than ever. We’ve taken great strides to ensure extra precautions are adhered to. We’re always happy to listen to client feedback and ensure a comfortable experience for each and every guest.


Under supervising physician Dr. Jennifer Lauvetz Enmeier. Oklahoma State Board of Health requires that all permanent and semi-permanent cosmetics be performed in a medical facility in the state of Oklahoma.

We are located at:

816 S. Pine St, Stillwater, OK 74074

Tel: 918-873-0451


By appointment only.

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