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Elite Beauty Academy Oklahoma Medical micropigmentation ( Med Mic) training
Elite Beauty Academy Oklahoma permanent makeup training
  • Why don’t you offer Microblading anymore?
    Microblading was amazing and new a few years ago. Most of us very educated, advanced master artists will educate you on why that is something we are moving away from, and what WAY better options are available now! “Microblading” is used more like an umbrella term now, it is not the actual technique we offer and here is why! The common misconception about Microblading being “better” or “more natural” has been proven wrong over time. As an advanced expert artist, Veronica will always strive to be the best and stay on top of the latest and greatest techniques. It’s SO important in our ever growing and changing industry. We have learned that very little people are actually considered “ideal” candidates for traditional ‘Microblading’. Even if you see a photo of gorgeous, fresh, crisp, fine hair-like strokes on social media or other sites.. you can bet they will NEVER stay that way. Over time the lines will expand and blur and become less realistic looking. Microblading has been found to cause an excess of scar tissue build up in the skin because of the extremely invasive technique (which is making cuts continuously over and over into the skin, then pushing pigment in). It’s very invasive and traumatizing to the skin. It fades much faster than anything done with a machine (like powder). Which means it requires much more frequent touch ups, which builds more scar tissue. The issue with that is that eventually you will no longer be able to even implant pigment into the skin anymore through the scar tissue, defeating the entire purpose of having them done right? So, any form of powder/shading is going to look the best, heal the best, and age the best over time. It’s much less invasive (when done properly). More gentle, virtually painless. And ideal for ALL skin types including mature, thin, or extremely oily. We still create totally custom brows to each individual and your needs, facial features and proportions. We custom create the color perfect for your skin tone and shade, and hair color!
  • How does it work? How do I know what to book for?!
    Veronica is an expert permanent makeup artist who has mastered many advanced techniques in each area. New clients can book a service for eyebrows, lips, or eyeliner (we also offer a bundle discount offer when you book 2 or more services together!). When you come in for your scheduled service, together we will have a very thorough consultation at the start of each appointment. We will discuss in depth the different techniques, and determine together which is best for you, your skin type, your desired look- and customize the service/look to fit you best! Veronica takes many factors into consideration including skin type, lifestyle, skin tone, hair color, facial features and structure & more!
  • How do we determine what will look best?
    During the initial thorough consultation, which is done at the start of every single appointment, your licensed permanent makeup artist will map, measure and create your guide/outline based on your facial features, proportions and desired look. You are welcome to bring in photos for inspiration! Your artist will create the desired outline/guide of your new (brows or lips) in pencil based on the look you both decide on. This will help guarantee the shape will fit and frame your face perfectly, as well as be symmetrical. This will also help give you a visual of what to expect before beginning!
  • What does "semi - permanent" mean?
    "Semi-permanent" means the tattoo is not planted as deep into the dermis & is not using permanent ink as a typical traditional tattoo. The pigments we use are more realistic to natural hair color or makeup colors that can be formulated and customized to each individual and their needs. All the most current advanced semi-permanent makeup techniques offered are extremely gentle, soft and non-invasive. You can maintain your new semi-permanent makeup over time with touch-ups to refresh them (or have them altered if desired).
  • How many sessions do I need?
    For most clients, a minimum of two sessions are usually needed, no sooner than 8 weeks apart. With most procedures, the color looks lighter after the first week or 2. Some clients prefer this, while others prefer a bolder look. At the second session, we will assess the color retention and make any modifications and adjustments as needed. Everyone heals differently and at different rates. If your semi-permanent tattoo did not heal properly after the first session, do not worry! We can always make changes and adjustments at the next appointment! It is a 2-step process for a reason, and the second session is the "perfecting" session. We can always go darker, add more density, change or alter the shape, size, color, etc. at your next appointment.
  • How long before needing a refresh/touch up after my first initial two sessions?
    The length of time before needing another refresh touch-up varies by person and depends on how your skin heals, your lifestyle, skin type, and how your skin accepts the ink and whether long term aftercare instructions were properly followed, and how soft/natural the tattoo was done. KEEP IN MIND: The lighter and softer a service is, the more frequent you will need touch ups. On average though, the typical average client will get touch ups approximately every: Brows: 1-3 years Lips: 1-3 years Liner: 2-5 years THIS AVERAGES OUT TO ONLY BE ABOUT $16-$30 a month for the average client to maintain and keep up their tattoo!
  • Can I get tattooed if I am pregnant or nursing?
    We do not perform cosmetic tattooing on pregnant or nursing women.
  • Is It Painful?
    Most clients agree that these services causes very minor discomfort! A high-grade topical anesthetic is applied to the skin before the procedure and then another is applied again once the process has begun to work even deeper into the skin. Most clients will describe the pain level at a 1-3 (on a scale of 1-10) at the start of the session, and then a 0-1 once the second topical anesthetic has been applied.
  • What is Nano Brow?
    Nano brow is a form of hyper-realistic hair strokes created with a machine.
  • Who is a candidate for Nano Brow?
    Nano brow is suitable for all skin types including oily or mature. It is ideal for those with thin or sparse (little to none) natural brow hair. It is NOT ideal for those with already thick/full brows or very coarse brow hair. Nano brow is a very gentle, minimally invasive technique in which we create realistic looking hair. Because this technique is so soft and realistic, it will require more frequent maintenance than other techniques such as powder brows. It is recommended to come in at least once per year for nano brow maintenance refresh unless you’d like to allow your pigment to fully fade in time, which of course is your choice! It’s a great option for those that like a natural look, or are afraid of extended long term commitment.
  • Why are Nano Brows more expensive than other brow techniques?
    This extremely advanced technique is very intricate and takes a significant more amount of time to create than other techniques. This service price is a reflection of the additional time, training, work, and effort that goes into carefully curating it.


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